My Journey: Reefa Asim

I had many friends who had already started their Sacred Texts journey prior to my joining the programme and it was due to their praise and love for their teachers and course content that I decided to embark on the journey myself. Looking back now, alhamdulillah, I am very grateful that I have had this unique opportunity.

Having studied the Arabic language previously, I was able to join the programme in the second year.  I was immediately struck by the Arabic level of my fellow students in year 2. After just a year of study at Sacred Texts, they were more or less at the same level – or higher – even though I had studied the language for a much longer period than them. This is proof that it is not only the number of years you have studied that counts. Course content, teaching style, motivation, company, and above all teachers to guide you through, are equally important.

Although all subjects studied so far have their own special beauty and depth, Aqidah classes have opened my mind and have helped me to analyse and contemplate about Allah Ta’ala and the realities of life in a way that I did not do so previously. Alhamdulillah, it has truly been life changing as well as humbling. It has made me realise how little my knowledge had been on the topic and how much it still needs to develop. Memorisation and regular study of hadith has also been enlightening and has been a means for me to draw closer to our Beloved Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wa sallam).

Previously I was not in touch with many classical texts of the scholarly giants of the past, however our teachers have helped us to access these texts (in Arabic) and have nurtured us in such a way that we can independently study these works and extract gems from them. Traditional modes of study such as the memorisation of poems and odes to assist our studies, (although difficult at the time!), have been a beneficial learning experience.

I am not aware of another programme like this one in the UK, where students have the opportunity to become proficient in so many traditional subjects of the Islamic Sciences whilst at the same time keep in tune with current issues and affairs of our age.

Students can grow in their thinking and adab towards knowledge and learning, whilst at the same time enjoy quite a few laughs in class.

It is hard to describe the number of different ideas and discussions, and the range of knowledge we are exposed to in just one lesson. The company of fellow students and our teachers has been the highlight for me and being part of the programme has been a blessing.

Reefa Asim (Year 3)


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