The Power of Studying Arabic Morphology

For anyone beginning their studies in Arabic, it can be a very daunting prospect. So many rules, so many words, so many meanings! However, it doesn’t have to feel so impossible and overwhelming. What if I told you there was a way of learning approximately 43,560 words in ONLY one year of study, as well as acquiring the tools to access a vast amount of vocabulary above and beyond this? Well read on and find out…

Arabic Morphology or Sarf linguistically implies “change” (taghyeer). In practice, it is “to change the source to different forms in order to express different meanings.”  The ‘source’ refers to the verbal noun (masdar), e.g. the act of eating (aklun), and the ‘form’ refers to the conjugation of the verb e.g. akaltu (I ate); this is the number of letters, their order and their vowelling, and what gives a verb it’s specific meaning.

In our Arabic Accelerated course the primary focus of Arabic Morphology is verbs and their derivatives. Using a teaching system that provides students with not only a strong foundation in this subject but also with a unique skill and powerful tool to access a vast amount of vocabulary. This is achieved through exposure to a specific range of verb categories with an emphasis on learning through memorisation and repetition.

In just one year of study, the student will approximately cover…

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So what makes it so powerful?

When you know know all the conjugations of a verb in a particular category and scale e.g the verb istaghfara (He sought forgivness) which is a sound (sahih) verb on the scale istif’aal; you will have acquired the knowledge and tool to be able to read ANY verb in that category and scale correctly, all you have to do is change the root letters! Now that’s powerful.

And it isn’t limited only to the ability to read the verbs correctly. For instance, if you came across the verb ‘kataba’, you will also be able to recognise the verb, what category it belongs to, the scale it is on, as well as know its meaning and various possible conjugations. This is all achieved by simply learning one particular verb in one particular category and scale, and you’re then able to transfer that and apply it to any other verb of the same category and scale.

Consequently, with a strong foundation in Arabic Morphology, you can acquire a substantial amount of vocabulary by merely manipulating a verb and placing it on different scales which create different conjugations with different meanings. Amazing!

Emdad Hussain (Year 5 student & Arabic Accelerated Tutor)


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