My Journey: Hafsa Hussain

I had initially enrolled in the Path to Salvation course and it was there that Sacred Texts was mentioned. I became interested in the course because it would be a great opportunity for me to study Arabic and the Islamic sciences seriously. It is something that I have only benefited from and will continue to gain from it, InshaAllah. 

The first year of Sacred Texts was incredibly daunting because I had never studied Arabic before. I felt shy and hesitant to ask questions within the class, for fear of asking ‘silly’ or ‘basic’ questions. However, once I realised that the teachers are there to help us develop in not only our Arabic language but in other topics as well, it all became easier and was humbling. This is also true with regards to classmates as well. There will be some who have studied more than you which could add to the hesitancy, but instead, it should be taken advantage of. The whole class is a unit and we are all here to learn the same things. The bond you have with your fellow classmates is vital because they will be with you for the rest of your Sacred Texts journey, InshaAllah! 

Now being in the third year this has become even more emphasised. We all help each with class work and homework and even revision for exams as we all want each other to succeed. This was also something that was reiterated by the teachers. 

Despite Sacred Texts being a part-time course, it is not to be taken lightly because the amount learnt is greater than that. Over the last three years alone, I have studied multiple different subjects such as Arabic grammar, Tafsir, Aqidah, Hadith, Fiqh and the many others. They may at face value seem different and unlike each other. However, the teachers every week always manage to combine it all together. If we are learning tafsir, a Hadith may be mentioned or if we are learning Aqidah, a verse of the Quran would be recited and a bit of tafsir would be given with it. This is all due to the teachers and what they have chosen to teach and how they have chosen to teach it, MashaAllah. Sacred Texts is not about rote learning but rather trying to understand concepts within different subjects that we can intertwine and use with other subjects. 

The best thing about Sacred Texts is that although the main focus is on learning the traditional sciences, it is not at the expense of being able to discuss what is currently going on in the world and within our communities. Both the students and teachers participate and give opinions and there is an open dialogue which opens your eyes to different viewpoints that you may not have considered. This has not only developed me further as a student but also as an individual.  

At the end of every class, there is a sense of fulfilment and during the week I am excited to go back to class. Sacred Texts has been a great experience and one that many should consider because of the amount that you are exposed to in just one lesson. Aside from that, I will never have a shortage of book recommendations! 

Hafsa Hussain (Year 3)


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