My Journey: Aminah Mushtaq

As a recent graduate pursuing my career as an Accountant, I joined the Sacred Texts programme with a thirst for knowledge, being an individual who enjoyed studying and wanted to excel in the religious sciences.

I had a keen interest in Arabic, as I had been informed by sincere friends that if I wanted to truly understand the religion our Beloved Prophet ﷺ gave us, then it was important to learn and understand the language that religion was revealed in.
This propelled me to join the Sacred Texts and I was fortunate enough to be counted amongst the first cohort of students in East London.

I was immediately invested in this course from the very outset. The manner in which the subjects were delivered, the classroom environment, the variety and delivery of the core subjects and most of all the teachers, made this sacred texts course enjoyable, captivating, informative and above all, fruitful.

I found for the first time in my life, I was actually learning Islam. Not just the Arabic and the ‘Aqida, but the actual essence of Islam in dealing with others and getting more insights from the teachers than I ever had in my previous 23 years.

The Arabic was taught in a carefully structured way allowing for ease of understanding and time to memorise, especially with morphology, which was challenging, but none the less interesting.
Aqida was finally explained and summarised, allowing classroom discussion and queries being answered, which was something I personally had wanted to decipher for a long time.

I am so grateful so Sacred Texts and would recommend it to all who want to ground themselves in the basics of Arabic and the foundational sciences, thus preparing themselves for the real elixir of our Faith.

Aminah Mushtaq (Year 3)


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