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The Burda is considered to be one of the most recited poems in the history of Islam. The author, Muhammad al-Busiri devoted his entire life to poetry and wrote his famous poem after being cured of paralysis.  

The poem has been hailed a literary masterpiece throughout the Islamic world and beyond. It is not only studied for its linguistic ingenuity and recited for its blessings, but it is also sung in various tunes and styles in zawiyas, homes and gatherings around the world. 

Since the death of Imam Busiri in 1294, hundreds of commentaries on the Burda have been authored on a variety of aspects of the poem, with the vast majority focusing on elucidating its linguistic subtleties and word play.

Our Course

Our 8-week online program will cover a detailed analysis of both the language and grammar of the Burda. This course is perfect for those who have previously studied some Arabic, but will also benefit those who would like a deeper understanding of the poem’s themes and nuances.


The classes will run every Sunday at 2pm (BST), from the 5th of June until the 24th of July. 


Sjaad Hussain was born and raised in England and began his studies in Syria. After studying the Arabic language in Damascus, he studied the sacred sciences full-time under the tutelage of Shaykh Rasul Baksh Sa’eedi in Birmingham. Over a period of 9 years, he studied many of the major sciences and gained teaching licenses (Ijazat) in them. He has also studied under numerous notable scholars including Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi, Shaykh Muhammad Jum’ua, Shaykh ‘Ala-Uddin al-Kurdi and Shaykh Yasser Qureshi.

He is the co-founder of the Sacred Texts Syllabus and the Path to Salvation Diploma in Classical Islamic Studies. He is currently pursuing studies in Islamic Theology and Western Philosophy as well as working on several academic works in Arabic and English, including a Primer in Arabic grammar and an extensive commentary on the Burda.

Dates and Times

The course will run on Sundays.

Start Date: Sunday 5th June 2022 

Final Sessions : Sunday 24th July

Time: 2pm – 3.30pm (BST)

Course format: ONLINE

Course Fees


The cost is £120 for the entire 8 weeks.  There is a 25% discount for all of our Patreon Community (