My Journey: Sabina Ansari

Allah (swt) guided me to a course which has changed my life. Since I joined, the Sacred Texts Syllabus has greatly improved my prayer and du’a experience. I first found out about Sacred Texts whilst I was attending Path to Salvation classes. Initially, I wasn’t sure if it was for me as I was looking to get married and wasn’t

My Journey: Usama Malik

A Path to Felicity and Rectitude   An excerpt from al-Farabi’s disquisition on the ‘Excellence of the Sciences and the Arts’ (found in Osman Bakar’s Classification of Knowledge in Islam) validates the potency of pursuing the religious sciences (al-‘ulum al-shar’iyyah), as he describes the excellence of so by virtue of the ‘immensity of the benefits in the science[s], whether these benefits

My Journey: Shahida Al-Ahad

Learning Arabic: A U-Turn Home. “Whoever knows [the reality of] what he seeks, it becomes insignificant for him what he spends” ~ Sariy al-Saqati ~ October 2014: On a crisp autumn English evening, with two young children in tow, my husband and I boarded a plane departing to Cairo and thus began my quest to fulfil a lifetime’s dream; to

My Journey: Aminah Mushtaq

As a recent graduate pursuing my career as an Accountant, I joined the Sacred Texts programme with a thirst for knowledge, being an individual who enjoyed studying and wanted to excel in the religious sciences. I had a keen interest in Arabic, as I had been informed by sincere friends that if I wanted to truly understand the religion our

My Journey: Hafsa Hussain

I had initially enrolled in the Path to Salvation course and it was there that Sacred Texts was mentioned. I became interested in the course because it would be a great opportunity for me to study Arabic and the Islamic sciences seriously. It is something that I have only benefited from and will continue to gain from it, InshaAllah.  The

My Journey: Dr Anika Arshad

Five years ago, when I was approached by a friend to join Sacred Texts, the overwhelming feeling was ‘will I be able to do it?’. Working full time, running a business, being a mother and wife, it seemed a mammoth task to undertake, but within the first lesson, the knowledge and kindness of the teachers made me realise that this

My Journey: Reefa Asim

I had many friends who had already started their Sacred Texts journey prior to my joining the programme and it was due to their praise and love for their teachers and course content that I decided to embark on the journey myself. Looking back now, alhamdulillah, I am very grateful that I have had this unique opportunity. Having studied the