Terms & Conditions

Should a student wish to cancel their registration, they will have 14 days in which to do so, commencing from the date they complete their registration documents. After this, their registration and fee agreement will become binding for the academic year. This is to ensure any place that becomes available can be offered to another individual on the waiting list[s] within a reasonable timescale.

I hereby agree to the above course fee payment[s] as outlined above, in accordance with the payment selection made by myself.

I understand that failure to settle the payment above may cause suspension and/or expulsion from this course and any further action [legal or otherwise] deemed reasonable and necessary by Sacred Texts as a result.

I also understand the course fees will be liable from me once I complete this agreement, even in the event[s] that I:
Leave the course for any reason
Stop attending
Get removed from the course
Change classes within the course

Should any of these aforementioned circumstances occur, I am fully aware that the minimum fees due from me will be for the term in which I leave/am removed from the course. The exact amount due (pro-rata if applicable) will be calculated and specified by the admin team.