Sjaad Hussain

Sjaad Hussain was born and raised in England and began his studies in Damascus Syria. After studying the Arabic language in Damascus he began studying the sacred sciences full time under the tutelage of Shaykh Rasul Baksh Sa’eedi. Over a period of 9 years, he studied many of the major sciences and gained teaching licenses (Ijazat) in them. He also studied under numerous scholars including Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi, Shaykh Muhammad Jum’ua, Shaykh ‘Ala-Uddin al-Kurdi and Shaykh Yasser Qureshi.

He is the co-founder of the Sacred Texts Syllabus and the Path to Salvation Diploma in Classical Islamic Studies. He is currently pursuing studies in Islamic Theology and Western Philosophy as well as working on several academic works in Arabic and English including a Primer in Arabic grammar and an extensive commentary on the famous “Poem of the cloak” of al-Busiri.

Shammas Tubraiz

Shammas Tubraiz began his studies in 2002, studying theology and basic to intermediate level Shafi’i and Hanafi fiqh. In 2004, he began studying sacred knowledge under the tutelage of the esteemed Shaykh Rasul Baksh Sa’eedi, studying many of the Islamic sciences and receiving teaching licences in them.

Ustadh Shammas is a co-founder of ‘Sacred Texts Syllabus’ and ‘Honouring Tradition’, an initiative to address common misconceptions and issues affecting the Muslim community, which has developed an online platform where individuals can ask relevant questions and resolve often complex inter-personal matters.

Ustadh Shammas currently resides in Birmingham with his wife and three children, and alongside community activities, he works full time in the NHS, teaches private advanced Islamic studies classes, and is currently completing a Master’s Degree in Public Health Informatics.

Emdad Hussain

Emdad Hussain began his studies in 2012, completing the Path to Salvation Diploma in Foundational Classical Islamic Studies under Shaykh Sjaad Hussain. With a desire to advance his studies, he enrolled onto the Sacred Texts Syllabus and is currently in his 5th of year of study, under the guidance of Shaykh Sjaad Hussain and Shakyh Shammas Tubraiz. In 2017, he became a course tutor for the Arabic Accelerated Course, teaching Morphology and Arabic Grammar. 

Outside of his studies, Emdad has assisted in establishing New Roots – a grassroots organisation in Birmingham. He is currently working full time as a Payroll Administrator and freelance Graphic Designer.

Izhar Moosa

Izhar Moosa began studying in 2012, which inspired him to subsequently enrol in the inaugural Sacred Texts Course in 2013. He had the privilege of studying directly under Mawlana Sjaad Hussain and Mawlana Shammas Tubraiz for a number of years and is currently in the fifth year of his formal studies. In 2016, he became a course tutor for the Arabic Accelerated Course, and in 2017, he became a course tutor for the Path to Salvation Courses, teaching various modules including fiqh, ‘aqida, and tasawwuf.

Izhar currently resides in London with his family, where he works as a fully qualified solicitor that specialises in commercial property.

Tahir Hussain

At an early age, Tahir Hussain began his memorisation of the Qur’an with his father. In 2013, he formally began his studies under the tutelage of Shaykh Sjaad Hussain and Shaykh Shammas Tubraiz in the first cohort of Sacred Texts Syllabus. He has studied various core sciences under their guidance and is working towards completing the Sacred Texts Syllabus. In 2016, he became a course tutor for the Arabic Accelerated Course, teaching Morphology and Arabic Grammar. 

Tahir currently resides in East London and alongside studies, he works full time as a hospital pharmacist in the NHS and is undertaking a Postgraduate Diploma in Pharmacy Practice.

Anika Arshad

Coming soon.

Hazem Abo Helal

Hazem Abo Helal was born in Aleppo, Syria. He began his Arabic and Islamic studies at high school at Al-Madrasa Al-Khusrufiya in Aleppo.
At University he studied the English Language and Literature. He studied both Arabic<>English translation at Damascus University and teaching English as a foreign language in the UK. He finished his MA in the field of English language teaching with distinction from Warwick University.
Since his arrival into the UK about ten years ago, Hazem has taught Arabic in a few cities, including Birmingham, London, Coventry and Southampton.

Hazem currently resides in Coventry, where he works as a family support worker. He also teaches private Arabic and English classes. He is currently completing a PhD degree in Teacher Education.

Yusuf Chaudhary

Yusuf Chaudhary began his studies in the Arabic language with the Ibn Jabal Institute (now Arabica Institute) in 2014, before becoming a teacher at the institute in late 2015. At the same time, he began studying the Islamic sciences privately before joining the Sacred Texts Syllabus in mid-2016. Currently on the fifth year of the Sacred Texts Syllabus, he has been blessed to benefit immensely from both Shaykh Sjaad Hussain and Shaykh Shammas Tubraiz.

Alongside the Sacred Texts Syllabus, Yusuf also completed his BA in History from SOAS University, and is looking to further his academic