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Arabic Accelerated is our flagship Arabic programme. We have put years of teaching experience together to produce a programme that takes a student with no prior study of the language to a level of competency which includes intermediate reading, writing and communication skills. Furthermore, a large portion of Quranic vocabulary is also covered. The programme has been structured in a way that students need only commit to one 3 hour session a week.

“I have been sceptical about the effectiveness of an online language course for several years until I succumbed and joined one during the pandemic. I have been pleasantly surprised with how effective this course has been all the way from the course content, method of instruction, online resource to the brilliance and deep knowledge of the teachers themselves. I have seen a big improvement in my competence in Arabic and I definitely plan on carrying on to the next stage of the course that Sacred Texts have to offer.” 
Saad Habib


All of our classes are live online sessions. This allows optimal engagement with all our online students.

30 Week

You will cover our entire syllabus in only 30 weeks. We have devised a syllabus that is thorough yet efficient for optimal benefit.

Tried & Tested Syllabus

We have put years of teaching experience together to produce a programme that takes a student with no prior study of the language to a level of competency

Supplementary Tutorials

All online students will have access to our Tutorial library, which includes detailed Grammar and Comprehension tutorials.


All Arabic Accelerated students will have full access to our ground breaking Quranic Arabic Course "Arabic Journey"

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Course Overview

Arabic Grammar

Students will gain a firm grounding in the skeletal structure of the Arabic language. The approach taken combines traditional methods of teaching classical Arabic with modern techniques developed to teach Arabic to English speakers.


Vocabulary acquisition remains at the heart of the course, with the primary objective of developing reading skills. Students will begin with basic sentence structures and then move on to detailed sentences and paragraphs. During the latter stages of the programme students will analyse extracts from both classical and contemporary works.


This element of the course is designed to help students develop and refine their writing skills, focusing on the structure of Arabic sentences and paragraphs, and the cohesive links between them. Students will develop their skills in translating from both Arabic to English and English to Arabic from day one of the course. They will also begin to develop Arabic listening and speaking skills.

Quranic Arabic

Students will focus on the grammar and vocabulary necessary to comprehend selected chapters of the Holy Quran with the supervision of a teacher. Students will be provided a taste of the Qur’an, its beauty, its depth, and most importantly its practicality. A surah such as “al-Kahf (the cave)” will be covered and analysed in detail with a view to applying all skills and knowledge acquired thus far in the course.


Prerequisites: Basic (Ability to read Arabic letters and words)
Duration: 30 weeks
Commitment: One day a week (3 hour session)

Dates and Times

Registration Now Open.

Start Date:

SUNDAY 4th September, 2022

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