Language & Revelation applications are officially open.  This year we will only be offering our Online Programme.  Limited places available.

Language & Revelation Applications Now Open!

Language & Revelation is our flagship intermediate Quranic Arabic programme.  This year we are more excited than ever, with a fantastic syllabus covering: Applied Grammar in the Quran, Quranic Language studies, an Introduction to Ulum al-Quran as well a detailed thematic study of Hadith using the famous collection of 40 Hadith by the great scholar Imam Abu Zakariyya an-Nawawi. Expect an action packed year full of learning and fulfilment.

Complete online experience

This year’s programme will run fully online (previous years where streamed onsite classes).  This will allow optimal engagement with all our online students.

Course Material

All students will be provided with complete course material, which includes all course modules.

Supplementary Tutorials

All online students will have access to our Tutorial library, which includes further reading texts and course tutorials.


Key Grammar Analysis

Students will experience a detailed study and application of  key Arabic grammar concepts. These key concepts will then be applied to the Qur’an, focusing on key passages.

There will also be plenty of opportunities to delve into Qur’anic passages to gain first-hand appreciation of the inimitability (I’jaz) of this divinely revealed book. 

During this module, you will be exposed to most of the general paradigms of Arabic grammar, syntax, and morphology, as well as navigating Qur’anic vocabulary and phraseology.

Introduction to the Quran

A short succinct introduction to key Quranic topics such as types of tafsir, compilation, types of themes and verses, and more

Language of the Quran

This element of the course is consists of a study of the last portion of the Quran.  Students will read selections from classic and modern tafsir, developing their ability to unpack and analyse important passages of the Quran.

Language of Hadith

This module will cover a detailed thematic study of Hadith using the famous collection of 40 Hadith by the great scholar Imam Abu Zakariyya an-Nawawi.  A complete commentary of every narration will be covered and will also include vocabulary building, and grammatical analysis.  Students will gradually build their understanding of ethical and legal axioms derived from each hadith and related benefits.


Prerequisites: Arabic Accelerate or equivalent
Duration: One Year
Commitment: One day a week (3.5 hour session)

Course Start Date/Timings


DATE & TIME: SUN 1st NOVEMBER 2020 (and then every subsequent Sunday),  11AM-2.30PM GMT


  • Complete Online Experience
  • Expert instruction
  • Complete course materials
  • Dedicated Support 7-days a week
  • Buddy system available
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